Tim Jones
I am a marathon runner and ex- boxer; RAF + Combine Services Champion and twice ABA (Armature Boxing Association) Semi finalist. My best Marathon time was 2.25.44, I am now close to 60 years old and targeting London 2018 to run 2.45.0 and try to be the 1st over 60 vet!
The adjustments were painless and subtle, I did not expect too much, I thought the treatment was too gentle (A mistake by me, I was sore later that evening).
I ran a season best time on my 04:00 6 mile run, I was much more relaxed in the arms and shoulder and my stride length felt smoother. After my second treatment I feel I am running much smoother, stronger, steadier and quicker. I cannot judge my speed work because it has been very windy but overall impressed.
Jane Devlin,
I had a life changing illness in 2012 where I had a brain and spinal injury – these are both resolved, but I have lots of nerve damage causing pain and difficulty with muscle spasms, walking, general mobility and wellbeing.
The treatment was painless and very helpful. I can walk easier following the first adjustment and my pain, stiffness and spasms have significantly improved.
After 4 weeks my posture and walking has significantly improved – I’m walking more upright, my drop foot has improved – which in turn helps with my shoes as I wear away the fronts of them.
I have been attending for some weeks now and my improvement as my friend says is phenomenal! And it has not finished there!
Jean James
I had lower back pain and pain in my right hip, this caused pain in my muscles and down to my knee. I walked virtually dragging my right leg behind me. I had been managing this with exercises and pain killers which were actually ineffective.
I found the adjustments painless and was surprised after the initial consult at the extent of my problems. Always feeling better after each treatment.
I am walking better and didn’t realise the impact (previous to my adjustments) on my general health. I feel less tired and my body doesn’t feel so heavy and I’m more motivated.
Silla Benfield
I had a car accident 35 years ago and damaged my spine and have had back problems ever since. I find it difficult to stand for long periods of time and bending forwards (hovering, ironing etc) I also find it difficult to walk long distances.
The adjustments are light. Chiropractic has given me my quality of life back, I can do so much more, I am flexible and suffer far less pain. I have more energy and feel brighter emotionally.
I suffered with anxiety and the stress of nonspecific pains for many years. I had a lack of confidence in finding the problem to my discomfort. I’ve suffered ongoing unanswered symptoms for as long as I can remember with no relief.
I was amazed at the difference such a small movement can make. They were very light and I found them to be a lot less intense/ painful than I presumed they would be.
I am now able to tackle problems in a much more composed manner. I am able to think clearer for longer, my overall wellness, mood and state of mind is dramatically improved and generally a lot happier within myself.
I referred myself to the clinic in October 2014 when suffering from severe pain every morning and at intervals throughout the day.  I couldn’t put my weight on my right leg and needed support to move. The pain was in the hip generally but partially in the groin accompanied with a feeling in the shin as though it had been kicked by a cart horse. I had never cried with pain as I was doing then. My doctor had prescribed increasingly strong painkillers which didn’t kill the pain but made me feel dizzy and sick and she referred me to a hip trauma specialist.
(I saw him for the first time on November the 4th when he arranged for an MRI scan, and ultra sound scan and checked to see that there was no infection. Ultimately I got an appointment with a spinal specialist early in February).
By Christmas I was noticing a real improvement which has continued so that now I only have slight pain in the groin on getting up and this wears off very quickly. The improvement continues, if less dramatically. I am feeling very well in myself and looking forward to the future rather than dragging through every day. I get tired after walking for half an hour and find hills difficult so I am trying to build up my walking gradually and loose the weight I put on while not being active.
Having experienced the worst pain of my life for some three months without medical alleviation, I am incredibly grateful for the help I have received.