Why Chiropractic?


Chiropractic is all about removing tension from the nerves by encouraging normal joint movement.  Your nervous system is the communication system within your body; messages should flow freely from your brain and spinal cord in order for you to move and function properly.

Many people suffering with pain, pins and needles, weakness and stiffness don’t realise it is a result of stress or pressure around a nerve. This may have happened suddenly or over a long period of time but it is important to find and address the cause.


Common Causes of Nerve Pain

Commonly, physical (trauma/ posture), physiological (specific conditions), emotional (prolonged stress) or chemical imbalances can all create stress around a nerve. You may even be changing your normal posture to relieve pressure on a nerve but this could cause further problems.

Simms Chiropractic uses light,  precise adjustments which have evolved over the past century, aimed to help restore movement and function, reduce pain, stiffness and aid performance.

Chiropractic is not exclusively about the spine, although that is a key aspect of treatment.  Corrective adjsutments go much further than that, promoting not just absence of dysfuncion but a positive sense of physical and mental wellbeing.  The more balanced the body is the better it can cope with the stress of daily living.

What can I expect from my first session?

Your first visit will last aproximately 50 minutes.  We will first assess your health, history, and any existing complaints, followed by a physical check, postural check and spinal Thermal and sEMG scan. All assessments are made to locate the cause of stress.

We will explain your findings from the assessment and discuss if chiropractic is the best course of action for you or if you need further assistance.


Visits start from £45.